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Ep 13 – Tim Brzezinski & Melisa McCain

This episode has a portion where Tim & Melisa screenshared the tool mentioned, scroll below to watch the video recording if you prefer.

Join hosts Dean and Kyle as they chat with Tim Brzezinski (@TimBrzezinski) and Melisa McCain (@mccainm), advocates for Building Thinking Classrooms and improving assessment practices. Their conversation is focused on a grading tool, crafted by Tim, Melisa, and their colleagues. This tool, deeply rooted in the principles of Building Thinking Classrooms, provides teachers a tool to actualize the assessment practices laid out by Peter Liljedahl around student assessment.

Discover how this innovative rubric, available at http://tinyurl.com/BTCrubric, was designed not just to evaluate, but to enhance students’ understanding and learning experiences. The episode delves into the tool’s development, design, and its transformative impact on both teaching and learning.

This discussion is not just theoretical; it’s a practical guide for educators looking to adopt a more effective and empathetic approach to assessment. Tune in to learn how you can implement this game-changing tool in your classroom and foster deeper understanding in your students.

Video Recording:

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