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We’ve moved to a new web address where you can find all of our episodes: https://thinkthankthunk.ca/

Ep 15 – Judy Larsen

Enter to win a free set of Wipebook Flipcharts for your Thinking Classroom: ⁠www.wipebook.com/TTT⁠ In this…

Ep 12 – Brian Jackson

In this episode, hosts Kyle and Dean have a conversation with Brian Jackson. With over three decades of teaching…

Ep 11 – Jared is Back

In this episode Jared Sliger (⁠@jared_sliger⁠) is back to chat with Kyle and Dean. Their discussion revolves…

Ep 9 – Lana Steiner

In this episode of the podcast, Kyle and Dean are joined by Lana Steiner (@LanaSteiner4), a math teacher, coach,…

Ep 8 – Back to School

Join Kyle, Dean, and Maegan as they candidly discuss the early days of the school year in Building Thinking…
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