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Ep 7 – 4R’s of Decolonizing Math Ed

Join Kyle as he sits down with Maegan for an enlightening discussion on mathematics education through the lens of decolonization. In this episode, Maegan unveils her 4R’s of Decolonizing Mathematics Education: Respect, Responsibility, Relevance, and Reciprocity.

Dive into an exploration of a powerful framework designed for personal reflection, aimed at dismantling colonial constructs within math classrooms. While drawing direct inspiration from the principles of Thinking Classrooms, Maegan takes it a step further by introducing ideas that challenges teachers to transcend the boundaries of traditional pedagogies.

Discover how this innovative framework not only complements the 14 practices of a Thinking Classroom but propels educators to embark on a journey of reshaping their teaching methods. Maegan blends theory with practice by offering invaluable tips and ideas that empower teachers to embrace a new perspective and embark on the path of decolonizing their educational spaces.

If you’re an educator, a student, or anyone passionate about fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments, this episode will undoubtedly spark your curiosity and drive to make a difference. Tune in to gain fresh insights, be inspired to push the boundaries, and join the movement to create a brighter, more inclusive future through decolonized mathematics education.

Contact Maegan on Twitter/X (@MaeganGiroux) or by email: m.giroux@rcsd.ca

View the framework here:

References shared here: https://bit.ly/4Rs-references

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