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Ep 15 – Judy Larsen

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In this episode, Kyle has a conversation with Judy Larson (@JudytaLarsen), Associate Professor at University of Fraser Valley and longtime Building Thinking Classrooms teacher.

Deeply entrenched in math education and an unwavering advocate for innovative teaching, Judy shares her captivating journey alongside Peter Liljedahl. From the initial shock of abandoning traditional teaching to adopting Thinking Classroom practices, Judy recollects her transformative experiences both as a learner and an educator. We explore the roots of Building Thinking Classrooms, including practices like visibly random groups, vertical non-permanent surfaces, and the pivotal role of meaningful notes in shaping students’ and teachers’ approaches to learning. We also touch on the impact of social media in fostering a vibrant community of educators dedicated to revolutionizing math education. Tune in as we venture into discussions about decolonization, the dynamics of group work, and the perpetual evolution of Thinking Classrooms.

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