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Ep 14 – Sophie Bresciani

Trauma-Informed Practices and the Power of Thinking Classrooms

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In this episode, we take you back to a pivotal conversation from 2022 between Kyle, Dean, and the Sophie Bresciani (@soph_bresciani), a champion of trauma-informed teaching and Thinking Classrooms. Sophie offers deep insights into creating classroom environments that are not only safe and supportive but also nurturing, paving the way for holistic student development.

Exploring the unique blend of trauma-informed practices and Thinking Classrooms, we unpack how these strategies not only elevate learning outcomes but also attentively support the emotional and psychological well-being of students. This episode is a treasure trove of strategies for educators aiming to foster a safe and inclusive classroom culture that nurtures confidence and facilitates impressive academic growth among students.

Whether you’re an educator keen on integrating trauma-informed practices into your pedagogy or seeking dynamic ways to evolve your Thinking Classroom, this episode has something for you. Tune in to hear about the intersection of these two approaches and their profound impact on both students and teachers alike.

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